Mark Briggs’ Entrepreneurial Journalism: Marketing Online Media

Mark Briggs in on a mission, both within this book and in his career, to elevate journalists in the digital age by giving them the tools necessary to thrive online. In several chapters in Entrepreneurial Journalism, Briggs discusses the ins and outs of funding and marketing a website or online media tool. The chapters provide several different ways to successfully fund and market your websites and online project because they can generate profit.

One route several online news sites are taking is limiting access to users until they sign up for subscriptions. The Chicago Tribune offers a similar deal to those who subscribe by adding special content to their viewing. This is known as a pay wall; known to be disliked by many but it’s how the site stays afloat.  Other sites provide deals with a subscription to keep your loyalty.

The website  pulls in subscriptions by offering email blasts including new deals and coupon opportunities. As an intern for the site, our incentive is not only for users to stay and return, but to sell that information to potential ad partners.

Different tactics can be found on social media sites. Facebook uses software to track their user’s online behavior and interests to tailor the ads to appeal to specific target audiences. This customized form of advertising pays off for both the website and advertiser.

Briggs also mentions sponsored ads or content. Sites such as Mashable are set up based on which sponsors paid for the top spot, also paying off on receiving the most views or clicks. Each of these strategies needs to fit the market and model of the online website or product to end up paying off in the long run.





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